28 September 2019

Ga-Matlala (Mabopane)

About Tembisa Chess Sessions

project background

We are the only growing unique concept in Tembisa and outside Tembisa. Our concept is named “Tembisa Chess Sessions”. We are making chess fashionable. We hope to group and gather chess players in order to enhance their chess skills while giving youth talented MCs, Deejays, Artists, Poets and Comedians an exposure to the public. Also giving youth platform to network and socialize in all over South Africa. The first session was held in January (2018) and Our sponsors for this project to work out was: WeFromFaRrRR, SAYT, Makgathi Shuttle, Our Taste, and Tentele. all our monthly sessions from June 2018 until to date were success with an overwhelming attendance. Our activities are as follows:

  • Playing Chess Randomly
  • Deejays and Artists
  • Poets
  • MCs
  • Comedians

Our Services


Our system allows everyone who know or interested in playing chess, We first register you on our database randomly, then also add you to our whatsapp group to indulge with other chess players.


We invite every businesses to come put their stalls whenever we host our sessions, the aim is to boost small businesses being supported and get an exposure in public.


We make sure we have this platform for our new upcoming artists and deejays who wants to be out there for exposure also making our fans entertained for the whole day while they enjoy networking and playing chess..

Why Introduced Donation Platform?

Tembisa Chess Sessions is not just chess platform but also a social organization that priorities youth unity through various talent interactions. One of our aims is to empower lives of our brothers and sisters who lost hope on their talents. As Board of Tembisa Chess Sessions we believe that we can put effort to the world by helping where we can with donors indulgent.

We then took this project as an initiative to create a platform that will raise funds/donations to help those in need. Our other mandate is to also restore hope of lives of those who are disadvantaged. Together we can change people with talent in the spirit of UBUNTU

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Chess Players

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DJs, MCs, Comedians, Poets, etc

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Community Charities




Contact us

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Tembisa Chess Sessions

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